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Lola Lighting designs and builds globally inspired lighting fixtures created from organic and inorganic materials sourced from around the world.

Lola offers a convergence of global design, globally sourced materials expressed in both decorative and technical lighting.

In addition to our Lighting Collection Lola Lighting provides custom “Concept” to “Build” architectural lighting solutions utilizing in house LED engineering, 3-D rendering, CAD/CAM, and certification marks.

We have 18 manufacturing facilities around the world . Our design and engineering staff encompasses over 27 cultures utilizing cultural, historical and contemporary genres. Our manufacturing capabilities are vast with decades of experience in both traditional handmade artisanal skill sets as well as 21 st Century manufacturing and LED technologies.

Lola has multi disciplinary manufacturing capabilities; thus allowing a combination of materials and LED technologies within one artistic expression. For example, utilizing hand forged iron, hand blown glass and leather into one Chandelier. Moreover Lola offers a complete project design solution offering compatible and varied materials and finishes into one comprehensive lighting project and architectural design vision.

Let your imagination and vision guide you without limitations ……… one chandelier or an entire architectural lighting project. Our team is here to make such visions a reality.

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