Nuvol WS

The lamp is composed of two overlapping alabaster stone discs, which generate a translucent effect and play with light to create a stunning visual experience.

The design of the Nuvol lamp is inspired by the organic forms of nature and the clouds in the sky. The two alabaster stone discs overlap, creating an irregular, organic shape reminiscent of a cloud floating in the air.

The alabaster stone used in the Nuvol lamp is carefully selected and hand-cut by skilled craftsmen, ensuring that each piece is unique and has its own texture and shade.

The LED light is placed behind the discs, creating a soft, diffused glow that passes through the alabaster stone and makes it glow. The result is a lamp that seems to float on the wall, creating a soft, soothing illumination that transforms any space.

Specification Table

Product CodeMaterialDimensionsFinish OptionsLighting InformationSpecifications
10-8777Alabaster1 x Ø:33.5cm (13.19”)
1 x Ø:23.5cm (9.25”)
Black Nickel
LED Specification PDF
Product Code10-8777
Dimensions1 x Ø:33.5cm (13.19”)
1 x Ø:23.5cm (9.25”)
Finish OptionsNickel
Black Nickel
Lighting InformationLED

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